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Skill N Depth stands as a unique and specialized underwater skills marketplace for diving expertise on a global scale. Our platform serves as a crucial link connecting diving professionals and organizations within the diving industry.

Introducing a digitized platform, Skill N Depth redefines how experience and skills are verified in the occupational diving and marine construction sectors worldwide. The increasing demand for skill validation in high-risk professions, combined with a commitment to sustainability and reduced carbon footprint, emphasizes the need to transition from analog to digital data recording and management.

Our platform addresses the imperative of validating experience and countering inaccuracies and plagiarized resumes prevalent in paper logbooks. Through a digitized logbook-style system, we adeptly capture skills and experiences, incorporating a dive record authentication feature at the site. Standardizing a diverse array of skills into a searchable and recognizable competency framework, we are at the forefront of transforming the industry landscape.


Our platform is engineered to streamline processes, saving time and resources for both divers and contractors.

Anthony Greenwood

CEO In Our Company

Unified Diving Community Hub

Our platform is the definitive meeting ground where divers and employers converge with ease. It's designed to bridge the gap between the need for skilled professionals and the availability of diving jobs worldwide.

Authenticity and Verification

Showcase your genuine skills and experience with our verification system, instilling confidence in prospective employers and ensuring only the most competent divers are in the field.

Enhanced Safety and Competence

Mitigate the risks associated with unqualified divers by accessing a pool of certified professionals, thereby elevating safety standards on-site

Integrity in Qualifications

Our platform curtails the circulation of dubious claims regarding worker competence and eradicates the issue of fraudulent certification in the diving industry.

Comprehensive Recruitment Solutions

Employers can tap into our full-suite services for talent acquisition, making the recruitment journey seamless from start to finish.

Transparent Hiring

Gain a deeper insight into the divers you’re considering hiring with our detailed profiles and verified credentials, fostering trust and transparency.

Our Team

We are a dynamic blend of experienced diving industry professionals and seasoned IT experts.

Together, we share a vision to create a global platform that seamlessly connects skilled divers with opportunities, leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance transparency, trust, and efficiency. Our mission is to elevate the standards of the industry, fostering a community where expertise meets innovation, and every dive professional can thrive.

Navigating Depths,
Igniting Innovation.

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